Amber V.


Griff represented both my husband & I in an automobile accident claim. Though he never made any promises, Griff was able to settle our cases successfully.  He was very forthcoming with what we could expect and though our case was trying at times, he remained professional and very patient. Our case involved a 3x drunk driver who hit us and was covered by a step-down auto policy. We tried to settle on our own with the other insurance but this proved unsuccessful. Griff was able to make contact with the other person's insurance & resolved our case in what we considered to be a short amount of time. He and his staff respond to messages left in a very timely manner and are on all levels, professional. They are well spoken and maintain a positive demeanor every day of the week, no matter the time of day. Griff & his staff worked very hard to attain the best outcome possible for us considering the given the limitations. We are extremely satisfied with both the outcomes of our cases as well as the level of dedication. We would absolutely recommend Griff to anyone in need of an honest lawyer who is dedicated, educated, and committed to excellence.

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