rofessional, Honest Lawyer worth hiring.  We started a claim with our homeowner’s insurance company and started having problems from the very beginning.  Three months into the claim the insurance company refused to return phone calls and emails; that's when we hired Mr. Griffith Tonkin.  Griff listened to our story and after reviewing our paperwork, agreed to represent us.  Griff was very clear from our initial interview what the financial costs were and what the ongoing litigation expenses were going to be.  Griff and/or his Staff always returned our phone calls or emails within 24 hours.  Whenever we met with Griff, he took his time explaining the issues of where our claim was but also the next few steps into the case.  We received a monthly statement which, upon our review, accurately described what Griff and his Staff had worked on for our case.  As time went by, we found Griff and his Staff to be attentive to our claim.  Griff explained the pros and cons of our case every time we met with him.  There were times when we, ourselves, began to doubt that our claim would ever be resolved.  Griff was always encouraging and never gave up his resolve to see it through to a satisfactory conclusion.  As the time came closer to a resolution to our case, Griff continued to be encouraging and supporting of us.  Griff (and his Staff) was a major reason our case was resolved satisfactorily to both parties.  Griff and his Staff were always professional, honest, courteous and punctual in all of the facets of our long-term case. He represented us well during all of the meetings and in the Mediation meeting.  Based on our experience during this litigation process, my wife and I would highly recommend Mr. Griffith J. Tonkin to represent you!!!

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